Susan Ashley


Having grown up in WV in a family with  Scottish roots, I love weaving traditional Scotch-Irish Appalachian ribbed baskets and incorporating antlers and other natural materials.  I also enjoy making pine needle baskets and weaving on gourds.

Creating these pieces was a joy for me and I hope they will be enjoyed by others who are drawn to the wonders of nature and appreciate the long history of basketmaking as an art form.

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Current/Upcoming Shows

Ongoing - Artisans' Haven, 4236 W. Vickery Blvd.,

 Fort Worth, TX

Dec 9-23 Holiday Pop-up Market - 500 E. Front St. #150, Arlington, TX 


Dallas Morning News Lifestyles Article

Art Business Institute Featured Artist

My work is also featured in Betsey Sloan's book: 

Antler Art in Baskets and Gourds